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Breaking Habits

How do you acquire a habit?

A habit is an established behaviour pattern that becomes hardwired in your brain. When you first started smoking you made the conscious decision to smoke because you wanted to smoke. You quickly acquire the habit because cigarettes can be just as addictive as cocaine. Once the smoking habit is established you are driven by a powerful compulsion to smoke.

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How do you break a habit?

According to the Psychologist B. F. Skinner, to break a habit like smoking according to the Psychologist Skinner, it is essential that you focus on the rewards of quitting. These may include having more energy, sleeping well, getting your health back or having fresh breath.

Stress, disappointments, socialising and even celebrating may trigger the urge to smoke. This proven method helps you break the association that smoking has to your activities or emotional states by replacing the urge to smoke with positive and healthy alternatives. It enables you to say no to cigarettes in all situations joyful or otherwise.

“Skinner indicates that breaking this link is fundamental to sustain the change and not go back to smoking, no matter what”, shares Florence.

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