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Success Stories

Florence’s clients attest that they have remained non-smokers over the years and have no desire to revert to their old habit as a result of her successful Hypnotherapy treatment. If you have made a decision to stop smoking and have failed, Florence can surely help you.

Latest Testimonials

Paul Keane

Paul Keane testimonial April 2023 

Having been a moderate smoker for many years, I had come to the point where I finally wanted to rid myself of the habit. I had previously given up for periods of between a few months and two years, but I always seemed to drift back into it, believing that I had it under control. These periods of abstinence convinced me that I could give up for good.In August 2004, when I had slipped back into the old habit, I was recommended to Florence Mackay, an NLP practitioner in Forest Row, who I was advised, would be able to help me with giving up through hypnosis, and having somewhat of a fascination with this overall process, I duly made an appointment.

The session was about an hour long. During the first half hour Florence questioned me about my smoking habit, how long, how many, previous attempts to give up etc, as well as my willingness to finally kick the habit now, at the age of 51.  During the second half of the session, the ‘hypnosis’ took place.  This was a pleasant experience, and I seemed to be aware of a lot of what was going on, but having said that, the time seemed to pass very quickly.  When I came back from being under, Florence explained what she had done, and that if I needed further sessions, these would be included in the fee I had already paid.  To be honest, I didn’t think it had worked. I walked back to my car, in which I had some cigarettes.  My natural reaction would have been to have one, but something in my brain said NO... you don’t smoke or need to smoke.  Wow! It had worked instantly and continues to work to this day, without any follow up sessions.    So, 19 years later, I still have no desire to smoke. 

It is such a great feeling not to be dependent on this drug and saving the money I once spent on the habit. I did put on a little weight in the months immediately after my treatment, but my system soon balanced out and I returned to my previous weight. I have since recounted my experiences to many of my friends and would wholeheartedly recommend Florence to anybody wanting to quit.    

24 April 2023

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After a stressful 6 months in Afghanistan, amongst other things, I can safely say that the process has worked. 2 years of non-smoking, plenty of stressful experiences … where I thought I would return to smoking…. but I haven’t.  - Cameron

Just to let you know it is 2 years this Easter that I saw you and still not smoking. - Deborah

And to all of you smokers out there, try it for yourself you will be starting a brand new happier chapter of your life.- Claire

Paul and I are still not smoking … over two and a half years. Coming to see you was one of the best things we have ever done together. - Pat

It has now been 7 Months since we met, and I have not had a single set-back. - Terri

I have been the only non-smoker amongst 5 other people I went on holiday with and got drunk but still didn’t smoke. - Keith

18 Months and counting – never thought it would happen. - Steve

After the session I felt normal. Thought I would smoke down the pub but I didn’t. Friends cannot believe it. - Roland

I met you on Sept 10, 2005, was determined with your help to quit smoking. Since that day I have not touched another cigarette. - Alan

Smokers still say to me even today, don’t you ever feel like you need a cigarette and i still say NO WAY, NEVER AGAIN. - Christine

That was nearly a year ago and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have not wanted or have had a cigarette to this day. - Chris

Four years on and the thought of smoking now does nothing but make me feel physically unwell and I shall never again have another cigarette. - Paul

Just wanted to say thanks again for saving my life and helping me to stop smoking, on 25th  February 2005. - Craig

The smoking session was a 100% success when I gave up at our session last September 2005. - Martin

3rd day today and didn’t smoke, don’t feel the need too.  I don’t get the craving nor wish how it would feel to smoke again.  It really works. - Juan

I have not smoked since I came to you, and I will never feel the need to smoke again. - David

Of course, I was skeptical at first, but since the session I have not had a cigarette for 18 months. - Roland

I have not even thought about a smoke after having smoked 40 a day for 40 years. - Laurence

Thank You to Florence, for helping me kick a filthy and expensive habit and in doing so take control of my life. - Terri

I haven’t even thought about smoking nor had any cravings for food or any of those nightmares I told you about, I feel totally in control of my life again after twenty years of smoking twenty cigarettes a day. - Craig

I cannot express how grateful I am to you I don’t want a cigarette, don’t mind people smoking around me – just feel so different. More relaxed about everything not just smoking, Like I say it's wonderful and it's all down to you. - Deborah

I haven’t even really had any strong cravings for one either, except one time about 2 days later when I was particularly stressed out at work. However, the treatment kicked in and saved me from myself (I went out for brisk walk instead round the block!). - Caroline

Thank you very much for releasing me from the tyranny of smoking. - Una

Just to let you know that neither Jan nor I have had a cigarette (or even a puff) since we saw you. - Jane

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you helped me to stop smoking ! It’s been over two months now and I HATE smoking around me. - Jasper

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