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Hypnotheraphy study

Hypnotherapy gets results. An American study found that hypnotherapy was more effective than psychoanalysis. The results showed that 38% of patients recovered from their condition after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis compared to hypnosis where 93% recovered after only 6 sessions. These statistics not only demonstrate the unquestionable results of hypnotherapy but also its’ cost effectiveness. There is now scientific proof dispelling the old misperceptions formally associated with the practice of hypnotherapy.

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“Hypnosis really does turn red into white”. “SCIENTISTS discovered that the way the brain responds to information is actually being changed while under hypnosis. This is the first conclusive proof that the practice works.” The Times, 18 February 2002

The findings prove that Hypnotherapy has biological as well as psychological effects. They also support the use of Hypnotherapy as a medical tool for treating pain and other disorders.

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